Lancashire Mistress

BDSM provides a context in which you can explore your own personal boundaries in a safe, fun and enjoyable way, facilitating self knowledge and personal enlightenment.

My unique approach to BDSM makes Me the ideal choice for the discerning individual who wishes to take their experiences to the next level.  I am well known on the scene as I have been active within the fetish world for over a decade, including hosting at many fetish parties.  My main interests in the BDSM sphere is anal play and introducing those who have never discovered the amazing results of a prostate massage.   You may read more reviews, feedback and field reports on my Adult Work page MissKinxx.

I am open to many kinds of genuine BDSM sessions as long as they are consensual, safe and sane! I welcome the novice, experienced player and the more experienced into my world.

I session in several well equipped premises in Lancashire and I tour to Cumbria, Cheshire and Flintshire regularly.

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